Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Day We Played Hooky

With the Northeast in the midst of its biggest snow storm of the season thus far, I had a decision to make . . . ship my kid off to preschool, or keep her home for the day? First off, pretty much every other town or city canceled school for the day except for ours. Actually, most schools were canceling for the next two days. Secondly, we pay good money to send her there for the two days a week that she attends so, the thought of her missing school when she doesn't have to kind of makes me cringe. Actually, we literally scrape through our pennies each month to be able to pay her tuition. I'll add in that it's worth every penny though! Thirdly, I don't like making decisions. I wish our town would have called it off and made that decision for me.
Snow Day, The Day We Played Hooky ~

There is something about watching the news reports and seeing the school closing list scroll at the bottom of the screen that brings excitement to my eyes. It always has, and always will. Perhaps it's the teacher in me, or the thrill of snow days that I had as a kid that have never seemed to fade away. I started watching the news as those closings rolled by on my screen. My town was not listed. Bummer. I woke up the next morning early, real early and patiently waited to see my town pop up. It never did. To be honest, I was shocked. Some people dread the thought of a snow day for their kids, especially immediately following an almost two week long winter break . . . not me! Bring it. 

So there I was, six AM in the morning, faced with the decision of waking my kids (who are usually awake at that time) and doing the whole crazy morning routine during the beginning stages of a major storm. After talking to my husband, and calling my mother for moral support . . . you know, because of that nagging question, am I a bad parent for letting my three year old play hooky? Well, I opted not to take her. My kids slept until 7:30, we played dress up, jumped on the bed, (shh, don't tell daddy) baked peanut butter cookies, made loom bracelets, had a dance party and made a blanket fort. Best decision ever. I love snow days, even if I'm the one who declared it!

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