Friday, April 12, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This blog contains material that is not appropriate for those who do not have a toddler, have never had a toddler or don't plan on having a toddler. Reader discretion is advised.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ~ ~ Illustration by Sara Capello
As a stay at home mom of two small children I often find myself categorizing my days. For instance, if my husband calls to check in and see how the day is going he will usually get one of three answers . . . 
Good, Bad or Ugly. 

The Good Day ~
A day that consists of minimal tantrums. It's a day that we can get outside and enjoy the nice weather, or a day that is followed up by a good nights sleep by all. Every parent hopes for good days, but lets be realistic . . . they don't always happen.

The Bad Day ~
  A day that is usually triggered by sickness, lack of sleep or spending a good portion of your time dealing with temper tantrums. Bad is feeling overwhelmed. I'm not a fan of bad days, but who is?

Then there is . . .

The Ugly Day ~
These are the days that the ball lies in your court.  As the parent you have two options:

1. Lose your cool and set the tone for a potential bad day or
2. Try your best to be patient and just laugh off the ugly. 

Believe me, it's not always easy, but if you can, it's worth it.

This morning was one of those UGLY ones.  
As I was cleaning up after breakfast my kids were on the other side of my kitchen island out of my sight. They had been zooming toy cars across the kitchen floor when I heard my oldest yell "OH NO!  That looks so awful!" A phrase I had never heard her say before. I stopped what I was doing and walked over to see what was going on. There, before my eyes, was a giant puddle on the floor. My first thought was that it must be water but I quickly realized their sippy cups were filled with milk, not water. As I stood there for a few seconds trying to ponder over what caused this ginormous puddle it came to me . . . it was pee.
My youngest has now figured out how to rip her diapers off and she definitely pulled a fast one on me. She was fully clothed in her zip up, footy pajamas but, somehow still managed to pull off her diaper. At the very moment that I realized what the mysterious puddle was, my oldest looked at me and jumped in the pee like a kid would jump in a puddle with rain boots on except she was wearing footy pajamas just like her sister. And again I must say, this was a huge puddle of PEE not water. Apparently the phrase "Oh no, that looks so awful" translates in toddler to "Oh Boy, this is awfully fun!"  
It gets worse. As I'm trying to clean up the puddle, distract my kids from zooming the toy cars in it and strip them out of their wet pajamas, I realize that not only did my youngest pee . . . YUP, you guessed it. And somehow during this whole ordeal the diaper dangling from her ankle stayed bone dry.  There was an upside to all of this though. We got a jump start to our morning. Everyone was bathed and out the door by 8 AM to run some errands. 

While we were out running errands a cashier asked my kids "How are you doing today?". My oldest replied with, "I'm great! I played in a puddle of pee!" I just laughed and walked away without explanation. I really didn't want to rehash my morning. We spent the next couple of hours at the park where I kept a close eye on my youngest. One diaper incident was enough for one day.
As a parent I am thankful for the good days. I accept the bad days with the knowledge of the next day being a fresh start and I try my best to always turn the ugly around. Most importantly, I appreciate every day with them. Here's to an afternoon that is pee puddle free . . . hopefully.

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