Friday, April 5, 2013

People You May Encounter While Out With Your Kids

The Quirky Mom shopping with The Quirky Kids ~
Today my kids and I ran a few errands around town. Our stops included the bank for cash and a local wholesale club to stock up on some much needed items. Things like the never ending paper towel supply that we manage to go through in two weeks time and, of course, diapers and wipes. 

While we were out we encountered the following people:

People you may meet: The Bank Teller

A woman who I'd guess to be in her early 60's. She greeted us with a smile and made an effort to say hi to both my kids.
Charlotte waved and smiled while saying "Hi Dada" over and over and Lanie looked at her and said "I'm 2 and I'm shy". I was pretty impressed by this. Usually she'll look away if she feels uncomfortable and is not up to talking. She followed it up with "Could you please give us our money so we can go shopping? Thanks." I think she's coming out of her shell. The woman chuckled and handed both my kids lollipops. It was 9 AM and I'm sure some parents would put up a stink about this, I didn’t. I'd be a hypocrite, you know? Since this morning at 7:30 AM I crept away, out of sight from my kids to eat a peanut butter cup and chalked it up as breakfast. 

People you may meet: The Door Holder ~

These are the best people to run into. It's amazing that something as simple as holding the door for a mother who is struggling to push one child in a stroller and attempting to keep a good grip on her other child's hand can literally make one’s day. I always make sure to tell these people "Thank you so much! That was the biggest help." I usually get a reply of "Been there, done that. You're welcome." Ahhhh, someone who can relate to this challenge. Door holders are so under-rated. The world needs more of them.

People you may meet: The Cheek Squeezer ~

The woman in the bakery isle of the wholesale club who took a break from squeezing the 17 loaves of bread for freshness and instead turns to my youngest and starts squeezing her cheeks and telling her how cute she is. As I stand there with a fake smile trying to plot a quick escape, I'm really thinking to myself I should tell her "Watch out, she bites." She doesn't bite, but in all honesty in a situation like this I wouldn't care if she did. I know the woman was trying to be nice but really, just get back to your bread squeezing and leave my kid's cheeks alone.

People you may meet: The Eye Roller ~

A middle aged man who glares over at my oldest as she's standing on the front part of the shopping cart as I push it. I know things aren't how they used to be when I was a kid. You know, the times when your mother would call you in for dinner when the street lights came on or, riding in the way back of your parents old Jimmy with the bags of groceries. But, to my knowledge, there is no law that says a child can't ride on the front of a shopping cart. And if there is, well there were at least 10 other mothers in the store breaking it. Where do you think my kid got the idea from? For once she wasn't the mastermind. Who knows, maybe The Eye Roller thought she needed a helmet or something. For me it was refreshing to see my daughter so content and happy instead of attempting to race down the isles and fill the cart with things we don't need.

People you may meet: The Panicked Mom ~

A woman with two small children who were both throwing fits because she would not buy them Angry Bird fruit snacks. I know this scenario all too well. I looked at her and smiled as I walked by. I told her I've been there too. She laughed and smiled back. I wanted to give her a good vibe before she encountered 'The Eye Roller" who was just around the corner. Us moms need to stick together.

And finally,

People you may meet: The Jack$$~

The person you don't actually see, but want to. It's the person who parks six inches away from the passenger side of your car leaving you little room to finagle your child into their car seat. Actually this particular person left NO room, which forced me to climb over from the other side of the car to strap my youngest in. Hopefully this person will make up for their parking skills by holding the door for someone on their way out.

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