Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Week's Worth Of Funnies

To me there is nothing more comical than the way kids can perceive things. Just this week I posted the following on my personal Facebook page: 
"Fact: I can't think of anyone that can make me laugh harder than my kids."
This statement is 100% true and I thought I'd share some of our laughs.

Dream Big ~
My oldest is always telling me what she wants to be when she "grows big like a mom or dad". Some of the occupations include:
  1. A big guy who mows lawns on a riding mower.
  2. A zookeeper who cleans up poop.
  3. An astronaut who flies to space to french braid monkey tails.

Speaking of tails, whenever my oldest falls on her bottom she'll say "OH NO, I really hurt my tail." Despite me telling her she doesn't have a tail, she insists she does. She'll often ask my youngest if her tail is okay when she takes a tumble too.

My youngest was running laps around our kitchen island while yelling Woooohooo! Except it was coming out more like "Whooo Whooo!" My oldest approached her and said. "Charlotte, are you an owl? Is there an owl in your belly? Mommy, I think Charlotte ate an owl for breakfast."

The other day I pointed out a caterpillar to my kids. My youngest ran in the opposite direction and my oldest looked down at it and said "You're right! That is a letter L." (The way it was positioned it did look like a L.) When I said it does look like a L, but look it's moving now! It's a caterpillar! She looked back down at it, and said "You're right! That is a number 6!" (It had curled up into a ball and did resemble a 6.) I said "You're right, it does look like a 6, but did you see that it's a caterpillar?" Her response . . . "Fine, it's a number 9, and I don't want to play this game anymore." From where she was standing now it did look like a 9 and I gave up and laughed.

Often times I get followed to the bathroom and will get praised for successfully using the potty. The latest phrase is "Great job Mommy! I'm so proud of you! Are you going to share your M&M's with us?" Needless to say I have stopped bribing my kids with M&M's for successfully using the potty. It's not working anyway and just ends up causing some serious sugar highs. 

My youngest loves to sing. Today we went to a garden center to pick out some new plants for our yard and she started singing that Pitbull and Christina song "woooo oooo ooooo O, I just want to feel this moment!" (She's just shy of 19 months.) Lanie also enjoys singing. She tends to make up her own songs. One of her favorites is "Charlotte, Charlotte, you're so cute almost as much as those zebra boots." (To the beat of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.) She has a shoe fascination and still holds a bit of a grudge about the zebra print boots I didn't buy her. 

When my kids really like something they are eating they'll start saying things like "MMM MMM these are so good and spicy!" You'd think I feed them jalapeƱos and Tabasco sauce for lunch but something as simple as a Popsicle can bring that phrase on.

At least I know that if the professions of zookeeper, landscaper, astronaut, or hairdresser for monkeys don't work out comedienne is a great back up plan. They always give me a good laugh. :)

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1 comment:

  1. These are hilarious. Our kids keep us laughing on a regular basis. People have accused us of using our kids for entertainment. We ask "why not?" We may cross the line, though, when we laugh at them for minor injuries (biting tongue, stepping on a toy, you know, the things we all do). The boys always respond with a sad face and the phrase "It's not funny!"

    Our four year old has recently taken to saying "Oh. My. Gosh." in reaction to almost everything. Go potty and have a lot of poop in the toilet? Call mommy and daddy to come look and say "Oh. My. Gosh. Look at all that poop!" See a mess your brother made? Say "Oh. My. Gosh. Look what Isaac did." It is but one of numerous comedic sayings the boys proclaim on a daily basis.