Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Bucket List of things to do with My Kids

Everyone has visions of things they want to do with their kids while they're still young, right? Making lasting memories is fun! Not only for them, but for you too!

Here's my list:

My Bucket List of things to do with My Kids: Disney ~
1. A trip to Disney
I did this as a kid and boy do I have memories. I mean who doesn't like the sound of mouse ears, sunshine and Space Mountain? (Well, maybe my husband since he is not a fan of roller coasters.) It's okay, he can stick to the Tea Cups and those flying Dumbos. I don't like rides that spin.

My Bucket List for My Kids: See a Concert ~
2. Take my kids to a concert
Like a real rock concert. No Elmo, Fresh Beat Band, or Biebers. (I'm not saying I won't do that too, just no Justin . . . I can't stand that Bieber boy.) I'm talking about Kiss, or maybe P!NK. I'd do this even if it's just for pure shock value.

3. Dance in the rain, climb some trees, lick the beaters (yeah I know, egg free ones)

These basics are sometimes the most fun!

4. Play Hooky (I won't get mad)
Let me start by saying I do not encourage skipping school in any way, shape, or form. Maybe it will be a trip to the American Girl store on your birthday, or maybe when you're older you'll take a day to go to the beach with friends. If you (my kids) somehow stumble across this post when you're in high school, you have my permission to take a day to do something fun. ONE day without consequences. Everybody needs their own Ferris Bueller's day off. Just don't do anything too stupid, or there will be consequences.

My Bucket List for My Kids: Take Risks ~
5. Encourage my kids to take risks
If you feel confident, do it! Daredevil stunts help overcome fears, build confidence and maybe even break bones. (Not that I hope for that, but it happens.) It's part of life. Let's just keep the climbing at the playground and not on my kitchen counters . . . I promise the playground is your place to be free, and I'll let you.

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