Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Biggest Pains of Christmas

This year Santa made his big appearance at the local mall the day after Halloween. Jesus, I haven't even polished off all the peanut butter cups from my kids candy buckets yet and their already throwing candy canes in my face?
My Biggest Pains of Christmas ~

The fact that every time a commercial comes on the TV for a Lalaloopsy Doll my kids go crazy yelling and screaming "That's it! That's what I want Santa to bring me!" They each have a specific doll that they want. Easy right? Wrong. The problem is that each day that specific doll changes to a different one. When I say things like "Didn't you say you wanted Santa to get you the pink one yesterday?" I'll usually get a big fat "NO, I said I wanted the one with stripes. That's the one!!" I really hope I don't eff this up. When it's all said and done, they'll get what they get and they won't get upset. . .Well, they may get upset . . . just know that "Santa" listened to the indecisiveness Every. Single. Day. for two months straight . . . I tried.

My Biggest Pains of Christmas; tangled lights ~
I have to get down to my basement and find that large ball of Christmas lights that was nicely placed on our outdoor railings last year. One day when my kids both decided to take a nap and Christmas was over, I decided to take them all down. That did not go over so well.

I'll have to wrestle tights on my girls for several different holiday parties. Just thinking about this is giving me anxiety. Next . . .

Taking the perfect Christmas card photo where both of my girls are sitting still and looking happy. Then, taking the time to address and mail all those cards. We have a big family to send cards to, so this will perhaps be a good excuse to break out the wine.

We haven't even made it to Thanksgiving yet and most stores have jumped on the band wagon of decorating early. Loud Christmas music, along with fake trees, shiny stars and colorful ornaments make for chaotic times while shopping with your kids. Who am I kidding? I'm just using this is as an excuse for already chaotic times while shopping with my kids. This added eye candy just enhances the chaos to whole new level of crazy.

Baking Christmas Cookies ~

In the end, the memories of cookie baking, decorating the tree, reading our favorite Christmas stories, and the smiles on their faces Christmas morning will all be worth it. (Provided that Santa gets the right damn doll!)

Wake me up when December ends . . .
Oh right, it hasn't even started yet. 'Tis the season for limited (if any) parking spaces, sugar amped-up/hyped-up kiddos and egg nog spiked with the strong stuff. I heart Christmas.

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