Friday, April 26, 2013

It's All Fun and Games Til Someone Gets High Fived In The Face

It's All Fun & Games Til Someone Gets High-Fived in the Face ~
High-Five (Slang)

A gesture of greeting or congratulation in which two people slap raised palms together.

To greet or congratulate (a person) in this way.

High-fives have been taken to a whole new level at our house. There is not a day that goes by without the occurrence of at least 50 of them. Typically these happen after a successful trip to the potty, or after a good job eating a meal. The majority of the high-fives are with my oldest daughter's lovey "Gray Bunny". Bunny comes everywhere with us.  Although Bunny is not allowed outside or into stores and restaurants, she always accompanies us during car rides.  When it's time to leave Bunny, everyone must give her a hug, a kiss and a high five (both paws). When visitors come to our house often times they have to do the same. 

Bunny is not allowed at the table during meals. I'm in constant fear that she will get spilled on which will lead to a "bath" in the washing machine. If I can be completely honest, bath time for bunny is a full laundry cycle of hell. Plus, Bunny is well loved and I'm not exactly sure how many more washes she can handle. We do have a back up bunny. It's the very same bunny, but white. Put it this way . . . it's not really a "back up" since my oldest now totes this bunny around too.  With "White Bunny" in the picture, this just means double the high-fives.

This morning when my husband left for work it was the same routine as every day. Lanie gave him a hug, a kiss and a high-five and Charlotte did the same. Then Lanie came running back over to Dan with her bunnies and demanded they get hugs, kisses and high-fives too. Dan granted her wish and off he went. Charlotte was sad to see him go.

Charlotte is still on a real daddy's girl kick and she spent a few minutes standing at the child gate crying. I was able to distract her briefly with a hug and some Lego building but, before I knew it, she was back at the gate again. This time she wasn't crying, she was attempting to climb the gate while yelling "DA DA DA DA". Lanie got very frustrated with her yelling and not sitting down to play with her. She went over to her and said "Charlotte, you really need to stop this! Daddy is working! He is making the pizza to bring home to us for dinner!"  

  • For the record, my husband does not make pizza for a living. On occasion he may pick one up on his way home from work. (Imagine if he did make pizza for a living though? That would be awesome! I love pizza!) None the less, apparently one pizza night a week is too much. My oldest is convinced that he's a pizza man.

As I approached the two of them, trying not to laugh,  I got down to their level and explained to them that their dad is not a pizza man. I also told my oldest that it is not okay to yell in people's faces. Right before my eyes my youngest held up her hand and motioned for a high-five (I think) but missed and slapped my oldest across the face. The yelling started all over again. My oldest screamed out "If you high-five my face, I will yell at your face!"
Just another day at the office . . .

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  1. Your family sounds so fun! We do quite a lot of high fives at our house too now that I think about it. My husband used to manage a pizza place and our kids were so proud. They used to tell all the friends and their friends thought it was so cool. LOL

    1. Thanks so much, JJ! That is totally cool about your husband! I don't blame your kids one bit for telling all their friends! I would too...except I'm the mom! ;) I bet it meant FREE pizza! :)