Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Day That Cookie Monster Went Down

The Victim

The Day that Cookie Monster Went Down ~
Count N' Crunch Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster loves to munch on the 3 cookies that he came with, along with other various household items. Pretty much anything that can fit in his mouth.

The Cause
Cookie Monster ate The Gem ~
The Gem

The Gem is a costume jewel that my father gave to my kids as a "prize". It was included in a small treasure chest filled with fake gold coins. Every time he sees them he wants to give them "prizes", as he calls them. My house is filled with these miscellaneous "prizes" and stuffed animals from him that they love. Put it this way . . . my kids are 19 months and just shy of 3,  if I keep all these "prizes", by the time they are 4 and 5, I'll easily look like a hoarder. Anyway, The Gem is a favorite. It's a pocket sized, choking hazard that causes me to turn into Nazi Mom when it's in use. (Probably the reason they like it more). I'm constantly telling them not to put the gem in their mouths. Luckily neither one of them are very oral kids, or they wouldn't have it at all.

When my kids woke up this morning I could tell it was going to be one of those days. The morning rain and lack of naps lately was taking it's toll. We bounced from one activity to another in attempts to keep them busy and happy. From play-doh to coloring books to water color paints, to Cookie Monster and The Gem. My youngest got out all of her dancing/musical animals including Cookie Monster. After shoving the 3 cookies in his face my kids proceeded to find other things that would fit in his mouth. They found various foods from their kitchen set, attempted a plastic spoon, and some peeled off crayon wrappers that they apparently picked off and hid under the couch during the coloring activity. As my oldest was attempting to spoon feed Cookie the shredded, purple crayon coverings, The Gem slipped from her fist and into his mouth. As Cookie was yelling out "There must be some cookies in my backpack!" Lanie was yelling out, "You give me back my gem! NOOWWWW!" It was stuck. Before I could get over there to help retrieve her prized possession, she threw the Cookie Monster across the room, ran over and started stomping on it. 

She is not an aggressive kid by any means, and we've gone down the whole no kicking, pinching, hitting, hurting, throwing road before. She knows that stuff like that is not okay. Let's be honest though, toddlers are fickle. They can turn from the sweetest little people into tiny tornadoes at the drop of a hat. This was a definite tornado moment . . . I understand that The Gem was at stake, but whoa. My youngest was laughing hysterically and cheering her on. 

As Lanie is basically beating the crap out of Cookie Monster, I run over and take it away. I tell her "I don't like that behavior at all, all you need to do is ask for help and I'll help you. Use your words!" We'll now the sh!t really hits the fan, because during the Cookie Monster beat down, the gem gets stuck in his mechanical face. I now tell her that she can't play with Cookie Monster or The Gem, cause he ate it.  Her response: "I'm sorry, Mommy. I'm sorry to you too, Cookie Monster. I really hope you poop out that gem soon." I spent most of rest time retrieving the gem from Cookie's mouth with a screw driver. I hid it in a cabinet for safe keeping, and maybe I'll bring it out some other rainy day. 

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