Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Heat Is On, Woooo Hoooo!

The Heat is On, Wooo Hooo! ~
This past week we have experienced a pre-summer heat wave and I have to be honest, I love it. Just give me a beach chair, my gated off deck, and a kiddie pool and my kids and I are good to go. I live for Summer and anything that keeps my kids occupied for more than 10 minutes. Wait . . . I take that back . . . not anything.

Tuesday it rained. My kids found the musical instruments that I hid and sat on the couch for three hours straight playing harmonicas. I posted a picture of them tooting away on my facebook page titled: 

"FREE! (for the day) They'll bring you hours of entertainment! (Trust me I know.)"  

That photo got lots of "likes", but unfortunately I had no takers. The only thing that dragged them away from their dueling harmonica battle was when the laundry cycle finished. 

My crappy dryer broke, and while waiting for a part to be replaced I've had to air dry everything. Call me crazy, but this just seems like a better alternative than packing up my kids and all of our wet clothes and going to a laundromat. Just the thought of that seems more torturous than harmonicas. Four people tend to accumulate lots of laundry. Especially when two of the four will often paint themselves with yogurt rather than eat it. I'm not really sure why we keep giving it to them . . . oh right, 'cause it's healthy, and my kids constantly ask for it (probably because it's fun to paint with) and we are the suckers who keep buying it.

Anyway, as I'm trying to find places to hang and drape all the wet clothes I hear my oldest yell "SPIN CYCLE!" She had captured the cat and wanted to give him a "bath". This is not the first time this has happened, and luckily he escaped the washing machine. Sadly, his luck ran out later in the week. I had set up a bath for my kids and Lanie placed him in the bathtub right before my eyes. This was not a first for him, and the twisted thing is that he actually seems to like baths. This strikes me as odd, but maybe he's just use to it.  

The Heat is On! The Quirky Kids Pool Time ~
After dealing with harmonicas and cat baths, I was excited when the hot weather hit mid week. I dug the kiddie pool out of my garage as my kids cheered me on. This was a total rock star moment, and from that point on I knew I was totally owning the day. That has been my salvation for the rest of the week. They don't get bored of it, plus it gives the cat a bit of a break since he stays indoors.

Pool Time for The Quirky Kids ~ TheQuirkyConfessions.comI had filled it with water bright and early one morning. As I was changing Charlotte into her bathing suit, Lanie ran over to the back door and opened it. Before I could yell for her to wait a minute she jumped in . . . pajamas and all. I didn't even care. I love summer.

Just for the record (actually, keep it out of the record books), I'm the A-hole who popped the pool by accident this afternoon when I hit it with the corner of the backdoor. First thing on tomorrow's agenda - shopping for a new kiddie pool.

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